Biography of Peter Foy
Peter Foy at the Annual Art Festival
Peter and his artwork at the Annual Art Festival.

Peter was born in Somerville, Massachusetts on April 2, 1957, the second oldest of five children. In 1964, the family moved to Tewksbury, Massachusetts where he became a familiar face, known for his engaging and friendly ways with others.

Having been born profoundly deaf, the communication barrier that affected Peter didn't influence his love for animals, which eventually blossomed into a successful career of wood-carving cats and dogs and other items. His creations are believed by many to bring warmth, love and good luck to the home.

Growing up, Peter was unable to hear or speak but communicated through hand gestures. With his high IQ, he found it frustrating when he was unable to express his feelings to other people. Although he attended many schools for the deaf throughout the country, Peter instead developed his own sign language. Many of Peter's signs are actually similar to the universally recognized sign language (ASL).

An avid bowler since childhood, Peter's natural curiosity led him one day to slice his bowling balls in half to see what they looked like inside. That day, his beautiful "Bowling Ball Art" was born. With a stunning array of colors and shapes, no two are alike. He uses a diamond saw, diamond grinding wheel, smoothes them under water with a special grit and then polishes them with a padded grinding wheel. People donate their old bowling balls and, as a thank you, he makes personal carvings for them in return. His "worry stones" can take the daily stress of life away.

The latest addition to Peter's collection of unique art items are fashioned from corian. Customers are excited to be able to match their kitchen counters with one of his creations.

Peter feels proud to be a member of The Tewksbury Community of Artists where he has been awarded several ribbons for his accomplishments. One of the most important things in his life was meeting Mico Kaufman, a famous sculptor, at a TCA fair. Mico commended Peter for his work and Peter was honored when Mico purchased a cat.

On a pleasant summer day, you may see Peter with his table set up on the front lawn of his Lowe Street home. People stop by just to watch him carve. No matter how far away from home we travel, he always meets people he knows and gets a hug or a handshake.

When carving isn't taking up his time, Peter can be seen on his bicycle, making his way around town or traveling to Boston to visit the Museum of Science. Even if he doesn't know you, he'll give you a happy smile and wave.