Biography of Jeannette Waugh

Jeannette Waugh attended New England School of Art & Design from 
1991-1994, and graduated as an illustration major, with a certificate 
in graphic design. She was hired at Nancy Sales Company (Nanco), in 
Chelsea, MA in 1995 to create artwork for souvenirs. In the early 
years, she drew all designs by hand to be reproduced on mugs, 
keychains, totes, and other giftware items. Over the years, she 
learned various design programs (Freehand, Illustrator, Photoshop, 
Quark) while on the job, and through continuing education classes. 
The later years of her employment, she designed hang tags, sewn in 
labels, signs, trade show advertisements and product catalogs which 
showcased their licensed plush characters. In February 2009, 
Jeannette was laid off due to the recession. Since then, she has been 
enjoying life as a stay-at-home mom.

This layoff was the catalyst to joining the Tewksbury Community of 
Artists. After graduating art school in 1994, the demands of everyday 
life quickly took priority over creating self-directed artwork. In 
2009, Jeannette joined TCA with the hope of establishing a commitment 
to make time for her own art once again. With scheduled community art 
shows, she has found a new focus and goal to work towards. 
Jeannette's first show with the TCA was in the fall of 2009, where 
she entered 4 pieces and was awarded 2 ribbons. ('2nd Place' and 
'Honorable Mention' for watercolor with colored pencil) She looks 
forward to creating and exhibiting new artwork for TCA shows in the 
years to come.

Jeannette grew up in Melrose, MA and has lived in Tewksbury, MA  
since 2004. She is married and has 3 young children. She is currently 
pursuing graphic design and illustration work on a per diem or per 
job basis. Once her children are a bit older and are all attending 
school full time, she looks forward to reentering the design field on 
a part time basis.